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The brainchild of Hollywood’s leading special effects makeup artists, Dermaflage does the impossible by completely covering acne scars yet looking just like real skin. Dermaflage acne scar filler was inspired by the professional special effects formulas and techniques that make the difference between looking fake and looking flawless. Unlike scar creams that claim to “get rid of acne scars” completely, Dermaflage was designed as an instant skin-fix to temporarily cover up scars without injections, downtime, pain, or expensive medical procedures. The tinted silicone does what traditional makeup can’t- it fills in pockmarks and indented acne scars, then instantly transforms into a “second-skin” smooth surface that doesn’t cake, crack, or appear mask-like. Most acne scar concealers are opaque, but Dermaflage is translucent so that your natural pigment shows through the formula. The final step uses a special texturizing pad to create the look and feel of real skin. the result? You can stop waiting for scar products to work, stop hiding behind your scars, and Put Your Best Face Forward. 6 Piece Kits (2 Applicators of different tones, Mixing Stick, Precision Application Tool, 10 Mixing Tips, Texture Pad)