Ten Hour Tight (formerly Age Correcting Serum)


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Natural Anti-Aging

Ten Hour Tight, formerly Age Correcting Serum, will help to naturally and safely smooth and lift wrinkles all day. The aging process, along with the environment and stress, causes our skin to change – losing its luster and suppleness. Age Correcting Wrinkle Serum provides an alternative to chemical injections and expensive spa visits.

Our serum uses non-irritating plant and fruit extracts for temporary results that last all day. Restore your face, eye and neck area to more youthful looking skin. Use a small amount of serum applied directly over the wrinkle, allow to dry, apply make-up or wear naturally.

Best Uses:
• Smooths frown lines
• Plumps vertical lip lines
• Tightens crows feet
• Eases laugh lines
• Revives tired looking eyes
• Visible effects within minutes!

Ingredients: extracts of: Seaweed, Cucumber, Lavender, Chamomile, Fenugreek, Calendula, Orange flower, Rose flower, Sage leaf, Will bark and Yarrow. Also contains: purified water, sodium silicate, xanthan gum, magnesium aluminum silicate, caprylyl glycol, and sorbic acid.

1 oz (30 ml)