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Apply directly to a clean shoe sole, stick on, cut off the excess sticker with scissors to fit your shoe sole for instant grip. Perfect for protecting samples, in the showroom or on a photo shoot and walking the runway in fashion shows or for individual use. The Instant Shoe Sole. The Sole Sticker from Save Your Sole provides instant sole protection. The stick on sole gives instant grip while protecting your sole from dirt, oil and water. The special textured sticker is one size for all which is cut to your shoe sole shape. Used by stylists, fashion designers, models and women everywhere.
Each pack includes a pair of soles (2 sheets). *Please note that the material of shoe soles can be delicate so please test the sticker on your sole before you use it. Be extremely careful when you use the stickers on painted shoe soles such as red soled shoes as they may remove paint when removed.